Le roi et la famille royale de Bragance doivent-ils, dans les circonstances présentes, retourner en Portugal, ou bien rester au Brésil?

Signatures: pi² (pi1 + *⁸) (pi1 and pi2 versos blank)

"The permission to be printed is dated January 14, 1821. The book discusses whether or not the royal family should move back to Portugal due to the Revolução do Porto. Distributed throughout Brazil and Europe, its repercussion was enormous. The so-called "French pamphlet" stated that the royal family should remain in Brazil, or the country could be led to independence". (Camargo & Moraes)

Place of publication and printer from colophon

Date at end of text: 1820

Authorship from Helio Vianna, cited in Camargo & Moraes
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy acquired with the assistance of the Harper Fund
1.2X ?
22 cm. (4to)

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