Arte de la lengua mexicana segun la acostumbran hablar los Indios en todo el Obispado de Guadalaxara, parte del de Guadiana, y del de Mechoacan. Dispuesto, por orden, y mandato de N.M.R.P. Fr. Ioseph de Alcaras

año de 1692
Index on leaf H7 recto stops at leaf 28, postulating the existence of leaf H8 as a continuation, as cited by Medina

Title, statement of responsibility, and imprint from a photocopy provided by the British Museum

Dedication, licenses, and preface to the reader in Spanish, text in Spanish and Nahuatl

Signatures: pi⁸ A-G⁸ H⁸(-H8?)

Vocabulary (leaves 29-49) in Spanish/Nahuatl in double columns; Instruccion breve, para administrar los Sacramentos (leaves 49-62) in Spanish and Nahuatl
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy is imperfect, lacking t.p., all preliminary leaves, text up to leaf 15, and leaf H8. Missing leaves are available in facsimile

Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy: Henry Cruse Murphy : bib. file
0.8X ?
15 cm. (8vo)

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