Espeio divino en lengua mexicana

Colophon: Acabose de imprimir esta presente obra en la muy noble, y leal Ciudad de Mexico, a veynte y quatro de Iulio, Vispera del Glorioso Apostol Sanctiago Patron de España. Año 1607

Signatures: *⁸ A-4A⁴ chi²

Woodcut ill. of a saint (Saint Francis?), of the Virgin Mary, of Saint Monica on verso of colophon leaf; full p. armorial with the emblem of the order and cardinal's hat on verso of A1; woodcut device of the order on colophon leaf with initials AE; large woodcut floriated initials, head- and tail-pieces

Title, licenses, Prologo, Soneto del Licenciado Diego Alonso de Chavelas, and Tabla para los predicadores que remite a algunos Evangelios at end in Spanish; text in Nahuatl; side notes in Latin
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy preliminary leaves do not match the description in Medina who does not mention the Soneto and on the verso, the ill. of the Virgin with St. Augustin portrayed in the head-piece

Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy: Nicolás León : bookplate

John Carter Brown Library copy imperfect, lacking t.p., preliminary leaf with licenses of Baltasar de Castañon and Bartolomé de Nava, full page engraving of St. Augustin, colophon leaf with ill. of S. Monica on verso; first 2 leaves of signature * and final two leaves of Tabla de los predicadores have part torn off with loss of text; missing and damaged leaves supplied in photostat in bib. file
1.2X ?
22 cm. (4to)

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