Manual de los santos sacramentos conforme al ritual de Paulo V

Año de 1712
Text in Spanish, Latin, and some sections in Nahuatl

Compiled by Andrés Sáenz de la Peña: "Aprobacion del doctor Jacinto de la Serna ... He visto el Manual de Sacramentos, que por mandado de V.Exc. ha formádo el Doctor Andres Saenz de la Peña," preliminary leaf [par.]3 recto

Title in red and black, in ornamental border (printer's ornaments), half t.p. with woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatee Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, ornamental initials, head- and tail-pieces

Signatures: [par.]-2[par.]⁴ A-I⁴ J-2D⁴ (A1 missigned 3[par.])

First published 1642; this 4th ed. reprinted from the 1691 ed.; the difference in pagination is due to p. nos. 60-90 not used in the 1691 ed

Licenses dated 1642, 1670, and 1691
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy has publication date of 1712 obliterated from the t.p
1.1X ?
20 cm. (4to)

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