Manual de administrar los santos sacramentos à los Españoles, y naturales de esta provincia de Michuacan

año de 1697
Includes: De Sacramento, De Benedictionibus, Catechismus, and Confessionario

Signatures: [[sec.]]-3[sec.]⁴ A-2I⁴ K⁴ L²(-L2 blank?)

Includes index at end

Text in Spanish, Tarascan, and Latin; Spanish text set in italics, Tarascan and Latin in roman type
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy imperfect, lacking preliminary leaves [sec]1-4 and leaf no. 17; t.p. supplied in ms., missing leaves available in facsim

Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy : Nicolás León : bookplate
1.2X ?
22 cm. (4to)

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