F. Ioannis Nauarro Gaditani, Ordinis Minorum Regularis obseruanti[a]e : Prouinci[a]e Apostolorum Petri, & Pauli Michhuacanensis. Liber in quo quatuor passiones Christi Domini continentur [integr[a]e litera, & Cantu iuxta ritum Sanct[a]e Roman[a]e Ecclesi[a]e] Octo Lamentationes : Oratioq[ue] Hieremi[a]e Prophet[a]e

Nunc primùm magno studio, & ingenti labore in lucem editus
Title in ornamental border (printer's ornaments) with woodcut crucifixion scene, t.p. verso with emblem of the Franciscan order, final leaves chi1 verso and chi2 recto with woodcut ill. of Saints Peter and Paul and John the Baptist; ornamental initials, some printed in red, head- and tail-pieces

Signatures: pi⁴ A-2C⁴ chi²

All licenses are dated 1601

Text set in black letter type, notation in black letterpress, staves and running titles printed in red, bar lines in black, catch words

The oldest printed music composed in America, its composer often confused with the Spanish polyphonist Juan Navarro, who died in 1580; see R. Stevenson, Music in Mexico

Colophon on leaf 105 verso: Liber quatuor Passionum, & lamentationu[m] iuxta Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae normam feliciter explicit: concinatus, & in meliorem concentum redactus à Patre Fratre Ioanne Navarro Minorita, Provinci[a]e Apostolorum Petri, & Pauli Mechhuacanensis alumno. 23. Die Mensis Iunij: Anno verò à Natiuitate Christi Redemptoris nostri. 1604. Mexici. Apud Didacum Lopez Davalos
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy has previous owner name in ms. on t.p. (illegible) and drawing and notes on leaf chi2 verso
1.4X ?
27 cm. (4to)

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