Boletin del Egercito Nacional de Lima

Printer statement from colophon

Dated and signed at end: Campo de batalla a dos leguas al norte de Yca y a las 3 de la madrugada del 7 de abril de 1822. ... Jose Canterac

Not the same as the Boletin del Egercito Nacional de Lima No. 1 of 20 April 1822 printed in Huancayo described by Vargas Ugarte (Impresos peruanos,4849) and Medina (Arequipa, el Cuzco, Trujillo, 36). This conclusion is based on the following considerations: (1) This Boletin del Egercito Nacional de Lima is not numbered and is dated 13 days before the No. 1 Huancayo issue; (2) it consists of only [1], not four pages; (3) Vargas Ugarte cites one other unnumbered and apparently also undated s.l. Boletin del Egercito Nacional de Lima; (4) we are dealing with a highly mobile field press; and (5) neither General Canterac nor Viceroy La Serna would have delayed touting a victory for wo weeks, especially as they temporarily had the upper hand

Announces the victory albeit fleeting of the royalist forces over those of the patriots on the banks of the Macacona R. in the encounter that became known as the Battle of Ica

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John Carter Brown Library copy acquired with the assistance of the Harper Fund

Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy: Maury A. Bromsen
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32 x 22 cm

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