The morning and evening prayer, the litany, church catechism, family prayers, and several chapters of the Old and New-Testament, translated into the Mahaque Indian language

English and Mohawk title pages printed within single line borders

Added title page in Mohawk reads: Ne orhoengene neoni yogaraskhagh yondereanayendaghkwa, ne ene niyoh raodeweyena, onoghsadogeaghtige yondadderighwanondoentha, siyagonnoghsode enyondereanayendaghkwagge, yotkade kapitelhogough ne karighwadaghkweagh Agayea neoni Ase Testament, neoni niyadegariwagge, ne Kanninggahaga Siniyewenoteagh. Tehoenwenadenyough Lawrance Claesse, rowenagaradatsk William Andrews, ronwanha-ugh ongwehoenwighne rodirighhoeni raddiyadanorough neoni ahoenwadigonuyosthagge thoderighwawaakhogk ne wahooni ararighhowanha niyoh raodeweyena niyadegoghwhenjage. Eghtseraggwas eghtjeeagh ne ongwehoonwe, neoni ne siyodoghwhenjooktannighhoegh etho ahadyeandough

"This first edition is entirely in the Mohawk Indian language, except the English title, and the headings to the prayers. The translation by Lawrence Claesse, was based upon the translation in manuscript of Rev. Bernardus Freeman, which had been placed freely in the hands of the Rev. William Andrews by the Propogation Society for this use."--Evans

Signatures: pi² A-K²; A-E² chi1 (E2 verso blank); L-U² W² X-2D² chi² (chi2 verso blank)
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy imperfect: p. 69-72 duplicated and bound in place of p. 73-76, which are reproduced in facsimile
1.0X ?
19 cm. (4to)

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