Minutes of conferences, held at Easton, in August, 1761

MDCCLXI. [1761]
This conference, which lasted from August 3rd to August 12th, included Lieutenant Governor James Hamilton and representatives of the Onondagoes, Oneidas, Mahicans, Tuteloes, Cayugas, Nanticokes, Delawares, and Conoys

Signatures: [A]² ([A]1 verso blank) B-D² chi1

Title printed within double rule border; vignette of the provincial seal of Pennsylvania on title page
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy unbound and stab sewn; housed in clamshell box measuring 43 cm in height

John Carter Brown Library copy imperfect: portions of the lower part of the title page are torn and missing, affecting imprint; they have been repaired with paper
2.1X ?
40 cm (fol.)

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