Phisica, speculatio

Anno D[omi]nic[a]e incarnationis. 1557
"Tractatus de sphera aeditus a magistro Campano": 12 leaves at end

Errors in foliation: leaves 1-12 at end are numbered 1-7, 9-12 with a blank leaf between leaves 6 and 7

Includes American references on p. 370-371
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy bound with: Recognitio, summularum / Alonso de la Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1554, and Dialectica resolutio / Alonso de la Vera Cruz. Mexico, 1554

The JCB Library catalogue describes a copy formerly owned by the Library, later exchanged for this copy, which represents a different state. There are several typographical variations, e.g. this copy has signature mark f incorrectly printed on p. 99, whereas the other copy has the correct signature mark g

John Carter Brown Library copy imperfect: leaf 12 at end damaged with some loss of text; available in facsimile; the blank leaf between leaves 6 and 7 is wanting

John Carter Brown Library copy bound in contemporary vellum

Provenance of the John Carter Brown Library copy: contains contemporary ms. annotations, probabably by the author; there is an ms. note on title page reading.: nuc [sic] 2° ab eode[m] autore eddita et in multis correcta et addita
1.6X ?
31 cm. (fol.)

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