Iosephi Acosta, Societatis Iesu, De natura Noui Orbis libri duo. Et De promulgatione euangelii apud barbaros, siue De procuranda Indorum salute, libri sex

M.D.XCVI. [1596]
Also printed in an Italian translation, translated from the original Spanish edition, in Venice in the same year under title: Historia naturale e morale delle Indie

"De procuranda salute Indorum, libri sex": p. 99-581

Title vignette: Jesuit trigram

Originally published in Salamanca, 1588

Signatures: [dagger]⁸ A-2N⁸ 2O⁴ (-2O4) (2O3 verso blank)
Local notes
Provenance of the John Carter Brown Library copy: contains contemporary ms. notes in an unknown hand
0.8X ?
16 cm. (8vo)

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