Confessionario para los curas de indios

año de M.D.LXXXV. [1585]
Signatures: 2A⁴ *A-*B⁸ *C¹² A-B⁸ ²2A-2B⁸ C⁸ (2A1, 2A4 versos, *C12 blank)

Leaves 19 (2nd count) and 18 (last count) misnumbered 23 and 81 respectively

Errata statement: leaf 4 recto (1st count)

Attributed by some authorities to Diego Alcobaza. According to Medina, at the least Alcobaza may be said to have participated in the composition of this work

Title page vignette (Jesuit trigram); initials, printer's devices
Local notes
Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy 1: Luis Montt: bookplate

John Carter Brown Library copy 2 (BA585 C361c) bound separately in two parts with leaf *C11 being the end of the first part. Lacks the blank leaf *C12. Has concordance authorization in ms. ("Concuerda con el original") and Joan de Atienca's signature at bottom of title

John Carter Brown Library copy 1 (BA584 C361d) second of three items bound together, beginning with: Doctrina christiana / Catholic Church. Province of Lima. Concilio Provincial (Lima, 1584)
1.2X ?
22 cm. (4to)

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