Doctrina christiana, y catecismo para instruccion de los indios, y de las de mas personas, que han de ser enseñadas en nuestra sancta fé

año de M.D.LXXXIIII años. [1584]
Signatures: 2A⁸ A-I⁸ K¹² (2A1 verso, 2A8 verso blank)

Although the title page and the table of contents indicate that the Confessionario was included within the Doctrina, this intention does not appear to have been carried out. The Confessionario para los curas de indios has its own title page, separate signatures and foliation, and the title page and colophon bear the date 1585. The "Provision Real" from the preliminaries of the Doctrina is repeated with typographical changes in the preliminaries of the Confessionario. In opposition Torres Saldamano ("autoridad en la materia" according to Medina) maintains that the two works were issued together. See: Enrique Torres Saldamano, Los antiguos jesuítas del Perú (Lima, 1882), p. 18

Numerous errors in foliation

Errata statement on leaf [8]

Backer-Sommervogel attributes this work to José de Acosta. Medina, however, argues that Acosta's role was primarily that of proof reader. Medina and Vargas Ugarte also note the participation of other Jesuits, members of other orders, and secular clergy in the preparation of this work. More specfically Vargas Ugarte maintains that Acosta drafted the Spanish text and that Fathers Bartolomé de Santiago and Blas Valera were the principal authors of the Quechua and Aymara version

In Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara

Title page vignette (Jesuit trigram); initials, printer's devices

The first book printed in South America
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy first of three items bound together, the other two of which are: Confessionario para los curas de Indios / Catholic Church. Province of Lima. Concilio Provincial (Lima, 1585); and Tercero cathecismo y exposicion de la doctrina Christiana, por sermones / Catholic Church. Province of Lima. Concilio Provincial (Lima, 1585). Has ms. annotation on title page, "Concuerda con el original," and a rubric on leaf 84 recto. Not counter signed by either Acosta or Juan de Atienza. May not be an authorized copy therefore

Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy: Luis Montt: bookplate
1.2X ?
22 cm. (4to)

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