The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

MDCLXI. [1661}
Special title page: Wusku Wuttestamentum Nul-Lordumun Jesus Christ Nuppoquohwussuaeneumun. Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green and Marmakuke Johnson. MDCLXI. p.[9]

Translated by John Eliot, cf. Evans

According to Christopher du Hamel in his The Book. A history of the Bible, fourty English titles pages and dedications to Charles II were added to this work, which was printed before the Old Testament. The copy in the Doheny Collection might have been presented to Charles II

Later issued as part of the 1663 Massachuset Bible

Text in Massachuset; printed in double columns

Signatures: A⁴ ²A-L⁴ 2A-2X⁴ (A1, 2X4 blank)
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy two contains note attached inside front cover: Sunday 25 Jan 1795 I took this testament from the Prince of Oranges Library in his palace at Loo which was abandoned to pillage as a memorial of the melancholoy scene.--H. Turner

John Carter Brown Library copy one bound in contemporary calf

John Carter Brown Library copy one bound in contemporary calf with ornate gold tooling; possibly presented to Charles II
1.0X ?
19 cm. (4to)

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