Doctrina christiana y cathecismo en la lengua allentiac, que corre en la cuidad de S. Iuan de la Frontera, con vn Confessonario [sic], Arte, y Bocabulario breues

Año. M.DC.VII. [1607]
Signatures: A-B⁸ C⁴ [par.]⁸ ²A⁸ D⁸ E² (²A7 verso, ²A8, E2 verso blank)

"Confessionario breve" (leaves 14-20), "Arte y gramatica" (leaves 1-14, second count, and [1-2]), and "Vocabulario brev" (leaves [3-12]) each has special title page with the same imprint and Jesuit trigram as the main title page

Title vignette: Jesuit trigram
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy is bound in contemporary vellum with Jesuit trigram stamped in gold on front and back covers
0.7X ?
14 cm. (8vo)

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