[Manual de adultos]

Año d[e] mill y quinie[n]tos y quare[n]ta. El .xiij dias d[e] mes d[e] Dezie[m]bre. [13 Dec. 1540]
Publication statement also taken from colophon

Facsimile of the last 2 leaves of a work of which this is the only known fragment

Title devised from colophon which reads: Imprimiose este Manual de Adultos en la gra[n] ciudad d[e] Mexico por ma[n]dado d[e]los reuere[n]dissimos señores obispos d[e]la nueua España y a sus expe[n]sas: en casa d[e] Jua[n] Cromberger. Año d[e]l nacimie[n]to d[e] nuestro señor Jesu Chrsto [sic] d[e] mill y quinie[n]tos y quare[n]ta. El .xiij. dias d[e]l mes d[e] Dezie[m]bre

This fragment consists of 1 p. of Latin verse by Cristóbal Cabrera, 2 p. of errata followed by the colophon, and a blank page
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy bound with: Dotrina breve muy provechosa delas cosas que pertenecen ala fe catholica / Juan de Zumárraga. Mexico, 1544
JCB Call Number
Normalized Place of Publication
1.1X ?
21 cm. (4to)

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