Aurora de Chile, periodico ministerial, y politico. Tomo primero ... Año de 1812. [T. 1, no. 1 (13 Feb. 1812)- t. 2, no. 12 (1 abr. 1813)]

Edited by Camilo Henríquez

Vol. 1 contains the prospectus, 46 issues, and 3 supplements; v. 2 contains 12 issues and 1 supplement

The colophon of most of the early issues cites the 3 printers' names: "... por Sres. Samuel B. Johnston, Guillelmo H. Burbidge, y Simon Garrison, de los Estados Unidos." After the death of Burbidge (July 1812), his name was removed from the colophons

Published every Thursday from February 13, 1812 until April 1, 1813; in addition to the 58 weekly issues, there is a prospectus (following the title page), and 4 supplements issued on varying days of the week

Continued by: El monitor araucano

Title vignette: woodcut depicting a rising sun behind a mountain range; beginning with v. 1, no. 18, this woodcut also appears in the middle of the title of each issue accompanied by the motto: Luce beet populos, somnos expellat, et umbras!
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy 2 of the Supplement of 11 Mar. 1813 acquired with the assistance of the Harper and JCB Associates

John Carter Brown Library copy lacks the first issue of v. 2; available in facsim. Some foxing present on several leaves. The 2 v. are bound as one

John Carter Brown Library has 2 copies of the supplement of 11 Mar. 1813; copy 1 is misbound after issue no. 4 of v. 1 instead of after issue no. 9 of v. 2. Copy 2 is bound separately (bBC813 A931d)
1.7X ?
32 cm. (fol.)

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