Commentarii ac quaestiones in vniuersam Aristotelis ac subtilissimi doctoris Ihoannis Duns Scoti logicam

M. DC. X. [1610]
Signatures: [cross]⁶ [par.]⁸ [sec.]¹° A-2A⁸

Errata: p. [11]-[12] (1st count)

Title page vignette (Franciscan coat of arms)

Colophon dated 1609

Pages 23-30 (2nd count) misnumbered 7-14
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy acquired with the assistnce of the Divestiture Fund

Provenance of the John Carter Brown Library copy: Maury A. Bromsen : bibl. record

John Carter Brown Library copy imperfect: p. [1]-[2] (1st count) (title page) wanting; replaced by facsimile. This copy bound in contemporary vellum
1.6X ?
30 cm. (fol.)

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