Aqui comiença vn vocabulario enla lengua castellana y mexicana

a q[ua]tro dias del mes de mayo. de 1555
Title in red and black, title vignette (port.), initials

"Tassado por el Audie[n]cia Real en dos pesos y vn nomin [i.e. tomín]"--slip pasted on bottom of title page

Two states of this work exist: one with decorative initials for letters A, B, and C; and the other without

In Spanish and Nahuatl

Signatures: a⁸ A⁸ B-Z⁴ &⁴ 2A-2Z⁴ 2&⁴ 2[cross]⁴ ²a-p⁴ (p4 verso blank)

Imprint from colophon
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy 1 imperfect: It has leaf [8] (first count) of woodcuts. Has book branding marks on upper, outer, and lower edges. Foxed and waterstained. Leaf 30 has burn marks and a hole; leaf 144 torn; ink stains on leaf 186 verso and leaf 187 recto; ms. scribbling on leaf 204 verso. Bound in contemporary leather

Provenance of John Carter Brown Library copy 1: Nicolás León: bookplate

John Carter Brown Library also has a copy of the facsimile leaves in copy 2 bound separately (facsim. B555 M722a). For further information see bib file #06586

John Carter Brown Library copy 2 imperfect: leaves [1-7] (first count) and all after leaf 244 in facsimile; leaf [8] (first count) of woodcuts lacking; excessively trimmed, especially the bottom margin (text affected); leaves 130-151 apparently worm eated and mended (text affected)

John Carter Brown Library copies 1 and 2 lack decorative initials for letters A, B, and C
1.1X ?
20 cm. (4to)

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