Codigo Brasiliense

Title page of v. 2 reads: Collecção das leis, alvarás, decretos, cartas regias, &c... Rio de Janeiro, Na Impressão Regia. 1817
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library collection has been made up into 3 volumes, the first containing laws and decrees from January 1808-December 1810, and an index for those same years; the second for January 1811-December 1816, and an index for those same years; the third for January 1817-February 1822, and an index for 1817-1818. For further information about this collection, consult the JCB bib. file

John Carter Brown Library copy has v. 1 and 3 bound in contemporary calf. Volumes 1 and 3 lack title pages; title page of volume 1 available in facsimile

John Carter Brown Library copy, v. 1 covers: 1808 to 1810, and includes index for 1808-1810; v. 2 covers 1811 to 1816, and includes index for 1811-1816; v. 3 covers 1817 to 1822, and includes index for 1817-1818

John Carter Brown Library copy acquired with the assistance of the Wormser Fund
1.6X ?
30 cm. (fol.)

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