Traité sur le gouvernement des esclaves

M. DCC. LXXVII. [1777]
Sabin has also been attributed this work to Jacques Petit, a son of Emilien Petit, an advocate in Martinique

Errors in paging: volume, 1, page 102, 3rd count, misnumbered 2

Pagination: volume 1: [2], iv, 240, 239-275, 274-466 page; volume 2: [2], 330, [2] pages

Engraved printer's ornaments on title pages; head and tail pieces

Signatures: volume 1: pi1 (pi1 verso blank) a² A-2F⁸ 2G⁴ (-2G4); volume 2: pi1 (pi1 verso blank) A-V⁸ (V3 missigned V) X⁶
Local notes
John Carter Brown Library copy acquired with the assistance of the Divestiture Fund

John Carter Brown Library copy bound in contemporary full calf
1.1X ?
20 cm (8vo)

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