[Eagle eating snake on cactus]

[1715]; 1701-1750
In an oval, an eagle eating a snake stands on a cactus which in turn grows around a castle.

Image (without castle) is now used as central motif in the Mexican flag. It derives from the legend that the Aztecs, looking for a homeland, were guided by the god Huitzilopochtli (god of the sun and war) to a place where an eagle perching on a cactus ate a snake. On this spot they founded Mexico City (Tenochtitlan).
Part of
Rio, Alfonso Mariano del
Separacion y singularidad entre los veinte y sies prothomartires del Japon de San Felipe De Iesus, indiano, patricio, y Patron de Mexico. ...
En Mexico; por Francisco de Rivera Calderon, en la calle de San Augustin.
BA715 R585s
1.0X 0.7X
14.2 cm. x 19.1 cm.

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