8a Tozi que quiere dezir aguela. Diosas de los Mexicanos

[ca. 1585]; 1492-1600
Two goddesses. Toci or Tonantzin, "our venerated mother," with a bone through her nose holds flower plumes and wears quetzal plumes on her head. Xochiquetzal, "flower feather," wearing a jade necklace, kneels on a lake.

Jacques Lafaye, the editor of the facsimile edition of the Tovar manuscript, claims the anonymous commentator has mislabeled the figure on the left as Toci or Tonantzin. Lafraye says the figure is Xochiquetzal who was the goddess of artists, love, earth, pregnant women, and the moon and is sometimes mentioned as being married to Tlaloc. He identifies the figure on the right as being Chalchiuhtlicue who was the goddess of lakes and streams and was also said to be married to Tlaloc, the god of rains. The Codex Durán contains an illustration of Xochiquetzal on the left and Chalchiuhtlicue on the right. Image is placed horizontally on page. The Tovar manuscript is divided into three sections. This second section of the manuscript--the text, with illustrations, of the history of the Aztecs--is essentially the same as the Codex Ramírez and forms the main body of the manuscript.
Part of
Tovar, Juan de, ca. 1546-ca. 1626
Historia de la benida de los yndios apoblar a Mexico de las partes remotas de Occidente los sucessos y perigrinaçiones del camino su gouierno, ydolos y templos dellos, ritos y cirimonias ... calandarios delos tiempos
Codex Ind 2
1.1X 0.8X
15.2 cm. x 21 cm.

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