[Aztec Tribute List]

[1770]; 1751-1800
A list of kinds of tribute paid to the Aztecs. Includes cloth or clothing dyed in various colors, warriors' costumes, shields, measures of beans. Includes symbols for the towns paying the tribute along the bottom and right of the image.

Part of Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana's Historia de la Nueva-España (Mexico, 1770) which brought together historical documents relating to the civil and religious history of Mexico.
Part of
Cortés, Hernán, 1485-1547
[Cartas. Carta 2a-4a] Historia de la Nueva-España, ... aumentada con otros documentos, y notas, por el ilustrissimo señor don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, ...
En Mexico; en la imprenta del Superior Gobierno, del Br. D. Joseph Antonio de Hogal en la Calle de Tiburcio.
B770 C828h / 1-SIZE
1.4X 1.0X
19 cm. x 27 cm.

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