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1649; 1601-1650
An image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

A vision of the Virgin of Guadalupe, with native American features, appeared to Juan Diego, a native American, on a hill named Tepeyac near the site of a temple to the Aztec goddess Tonantzin (Mother of the People) in 1531. Bishop Zumárraga accepted the truth of the vision when Juan Diego presented his cloak, or tilma, with the Virgin's image on it filled with out-of-season roses. This book, written in Nahuatl by the vicar of the chapel of Guadalupe, is the second known retelling of the Guadalupe story. The first was written in 1648 by Lasso de la Vega's friend, the priest, Miguel Sanchez. According to Medina, this account was probably written by a native Mexican, Antonio Valeriano, and edited, with a preface by Lasso de la Vega.
Part of
Lasso de la Vega, Luis, 17th cent.
Huei Tlamahuiçoltica omonexiti in ilhvicac tlatóca çihvapilli Santa Maria Totlaçonantzin Guadalupe ...
Impresso con licencia en Mexico; en la Imprenta de Iuan Ruyz
BA649 L347h
1.1X 0.7X
13.3 cm. x 20.1 cm.

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