Holeing a cane-piece

[1833]; 1801-1850
Enslaved Black people till the soil in squares marked by sticks. Also includes a paddock filled with cattle and an old woman giving slave children a drink out of a bowl, as well as a dwelling, windmill, hoes, and domestic animals.

Taken from William Clark's Ten views of the island of Antigua, London, 1823, six of the original images were used to compile this work for the Ladies's society. The images are accompanied by a large-print narrative describing each image, intended to be read by a class of beginning readers. Clark identifies this estate as being Weatherill's estate and relates that cattle are penned in fallow ground to provide manure for the cane holes. A shelter is erected near the cattle in which a slave sleeps to prevent the cattle from escaping.
Part of
Ladies' society for promoting the early education of negro children.
[Views of sugar production on Antigua]
London; Printed for Edward Suter
D833 L155p / 3-SIZE
1.5X 2.1X
39.8 cm. x 27.9 cm.

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