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[1694]; 1651-1700
Three Jesuit priests kneel in clouds surrounded by angels above kneeling native Americans in feathered headdresses. Also includes skulls and inset map of part of North and South America with California, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, and Cartagena labeled.

Florencia was appointed procurator for the Jesuit province of Mexico, managed the provinces of his order in the Indies from Madrid, Seville, and Rome, but returned to Mexico in 1680. He wrote only the first volume of the Historia; the work was finished by Francisco Javier Alegre.
Part of
Florencia, Francisco de, 1620-1695
Historia de la provincia de la Campañia de Jesus de Nueva-España ... Tomo primero
En Mexico; Por Juan Joseph Guillena Carrascoso
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1.5X 1.0X
19.5 cm. x 28 cm.

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