[Syllabary with elements of Nahuatl pictograms combined with European letters]

[1579]; 1492-1600
Set of pictographs which includes Aztec or Nahuatl symbols, such as Indigenous figures, bird in a tree, symbol for house, and the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli (with serpent and shield), eagle, and others.

This book, a manual of instructions for missionaries to Mexico that described indigenous religious rites and customs, was the first book by a Mexican to be published in Europe. The author gives a firsthand account of the evangelization of Mexico.
Part of
Valades, Diego, fl. 1580
Rhetorica christiana ad concionandi, et orandi usum accommodata ...
Perusiae [Perugia]; Apud Petrumiccobum Potrutium
BA579 V136r
1.2X 0.9X
17.1 cm. x 23.1 cm.

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