[Presidio de N.S. del Pilar de los Adays, en la Fro[n]tera de los Texas ...]

[1722]; 1701-1750
Plan of a presidio or fortification in Texas. Includes named bastions with cannons situated on three of the fort's six corners and scale. Includes an arroyo or creek, trees, unknown animal, and deer or stags.

Image title taken from verso of plan.The marquis de San Miguel de Aguayo, don Jospeh de Azlor y Virto de Vera, was appointed governor of the provinces of Coahuila and Texas in 1719. When he left Texas, the province was indelibly Spanish, had ten missions, four presidios, and over 300 Spaniards. He had effectively eradicated French hopes to claims in Texas. Juan Antonio de la Peña, a Franciscan friar and chaplain, was the chronicler of the Aguayo expedition.
verso: Presidio de N.S. del Pilar de los Adays, en la Fro[n]tera de los Texas ...
Part of
Peña, Juan Antonio de la
Derrotero de la expedicion en la provincia de los Texas, nuevo reyno de Philipinas
Mexico; Juan Francisco de Ortega Bonilla
B722 P397d [R] / 1-SIZE
1.5X 2.3X
42.8 cm. x 28.7 cm.

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