Neustra S. de guadalupe aparesida en mex[i]co

[1675]; 1651-1700
Our Lady of Guadalupe appears to a man who wears her image on his cloak. In the background is a scene of the apparition. Details include cacti on the hill, church, and roses.

A vision of the Virgin of Guadalupe, with native American features, appeared to Juan Diego, a native American, on a hill named Tepeyac near the site of a temple to the Aztec goddess Tonantzin (Mother of the People) in 1531. Bishop Zumárraga accepted the vision when Juan Diego presented his cloak, or tilma, filled with out-of-season roses to the bishop. The cloak was imprinted with the image of theVirgin. This portrait of the Virgin is the nineteenth known to have been printed in Mexico.
Part of
Becerra Tanco, Luis, 1602-1672
Felicidad de Mexico en el principio, y milagroso origen, que tubo el Santuario de la Virgen Maria N. Señora de Guadalupe
En Mexico; Por la Viuda de Bernardo Calderon
BA675 B389f
1.1X 0.1X
30. 2 cm. x 20 cm.

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