Francisus Draeck Nobilissimus Eques Angliae Ano Aet Sue 43.

[ca. 1583?]; 1492-1600
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake at age 43. Decorative elements include Drake family coat of arms, globe hanging before view of a walled city, helmet, and sword.

Attributed to Jodicus Hondius and said to have been engraved from a painting (now lost) done from life. Once thought to have been completed and published by George Vertue in the mid-18th century, this print is now believed to have been completed by the original engraver, not by Vertue. Original copperplate is at Yale University.
Part of
En583.1 Ho771 /Restrike
2.5X 1.9X
36.2 cm. x 47.1 cm.

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