[Map of Newfoundland south to the Caribbean]

manuscript, hand coloring

Portolan map or chart of Newfoundland and coast south to the Caribbean islands, including part of North and South America. Cartographic elements include sea banks or shoals, degrees of latitude, location of settlements and rivers, compass roses, scale, and rhumb lines. Decorative elements include flags.

This atlas was made by an Irish cartographer working in Marseilles. The mapmaker wrote on the first map, "Io Hercules o Doria mariano o fatto il detto libro in marceglia lanno 1592 a di 20. di Novenbro."
Part of
O'Doria, Hercules, fl. 1586-1592
[Manuscript portolan atlas of Europe, Africa, and America]
Codex Z 5 / 2-SIZE
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Geographic area
1.6X 2.2X
41.1 cm. x 31.3 cm.

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