[Map of northern South America and the Caribbean islands]

June 1st, 1803
Engraved map on 4 sheets joined in 2, colored

Map of northern South America and the Caribbean islands. "Jones, Smith & Co., sc. Beaufort buildgs. Strand." Extends to 96° W Long.
Part of
Arrowsmith, Aaron, 1750-1823
Chart of the West Indies and Spanish Dominions in North America by A. Arrowsmith.1803. Hydrographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Additions to 1810
London: A. Arrowsmith, No. 10 Soho Square, 1810, June 1st, 1803
June 1st, 1803
Cabinet E803 ArA 810
JCB Call Number
Accession Number
Geographic area
6.3X 7.4X
141 cm. x 120 cm.

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