[Lower right: Map of Caribbean islands from Hispaniola to northern South America]

20th April, 1804
Engraved map on four sheets

Lower right of map showing Caribbean islands from Hispaniola to northern South America, including the Outer Antilles islands. "2a folha. du Carta genal. das West Indies por Knight." Includes rhumblines and unidentified stamp.
Part of
A general chart of the West Indies, including the Gulf of Mexico constructed principally from the original surveys recently made by order of the Spanish Government, and from the accurate surveys and observations made by John Knight Esqr., Rear Admiral of the Blue By David Steel
London : P. Steel, at the Navigation Warehouse, Little Tower Hill, 20th April, 1804
20th April, 1804
Cabinet Ej804 /1
JCB Call Number
Accession Number
Geographic area
5.2X 8.2X
155 cm. x 98 cm.

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