[Map of Caribbean islands]

Woodcut map, leaf XIIII recto

Map of Caribbean islands including Dominica, Antigua, Montserrat, etc.

Sonetti's book of islands was the first to describe islands, but his islands were all maps of islands in the Greek archipelago. Bordone's book expanded the subject matter by attempting to chart the islands of the entire world.

Place of publication and printer's name from colophon.
Part of
Bordon, Benedetto, 1450-1530
Libro di Benedetto Bordone nel qual si ragiona de tutte l'isole del mondo con li lor nomi antichi & moderni, historie, fauole, & modi del loro uiuere, & in qual parte del mare stanno, & in qual parallelo & clima giacciono. Con il breve di Papa Leone
Impresse in Vinegia: per Nicolo d'Aristotile, detto Zoppino, nel mese di giugno, del M.D.XXVIII.
H528 B729l
JCB Call Number
Accession Number
Geographic area
1.6X 2.1X
40 cm. x 30 cm.

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