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☆ Constellations: Reimagining Celestial Histories in the Early Americas (JCB Digital Catalogue)

1 Learning to Navigate the Skies

2 Prognostications in Print

3 Instrumental Pursuits

Norman, John, Burges, Bartholomew

A short account of the solar system and of comets in general


  1. Demand for paper instruments in New England

    This beautiful paper instrument, similar to a volvelle, is elegantly displayed in a work on comets for a New England audience. The diagram represents a world system with the Sun at its center and is supposed to help measure the distance between the comet, the Sun, and the Earth. This publication attests to the appeal and commercial value of instrument making in late-eighteenth-century New England.

    p. 20

4 Imperial Projections

5 Graphical Inventions

6 Flight, Fantasy, and Knowledge

7 Writing History

8 Matters of Dispute

9 Instruments of Conversion

10 Fear and Hope

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